Horses are living creatures and they can respond to everything around them so it's important to approach them and treat them in the correct way, here are a few tips but above all do as our guide says.

Before riding we will go over all the basics you need to know.

When meeting the horse:

Horses don't like loud noises or quick and aggressive movement. Sneaking up to them makes them wonder if you are trying to hunt them. Approach the horse with confident and keep your voice at a normal level, no shouting but there is no need to whisper.

Mounting the horse:

In Iceland we mount horses from both sides so pick the side you are more comfortable with. Put your foot in the stirrup (left foot when mounting from the left side and right foot on the right side) and grab either the mane or the saddle. Do a little jump, swing your other leg over the horse and gently sit down. Before mounting we will help you adjust the stirrups. We will help you mount to make sure that the saddle stays in the right position.

Controlling the horse:

To ask the horse to start walking or go faster squeeze with your lower legs, to ask it to stop pull both reins equally towards your hips. To turn the horse in either direction pull that rein to your knee, (example if you want to turn to the right take the right rein to your right knee).

Dismounting the horse:

Always take both feet out of the stirrup, lean forward, bring one leg over the horse and slide down.


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